“We aspire to create a film that will educate and inspire its viewers, facilitating a dialogue among officials in a position to make a difference.”

Our Mission

Cardinal Flix, Inc and Producer David Serafine are in the planning stages for the upcoming narrative feature film, “Before The Ashes Fall.”

Our mission is to create a high-quality film that incorporates a groundbreaking grass-roots awareness campaign for the
diseases of Dementia while strictly adhering to all COVID safety precautions outlined by Federal, state, local government and SAG/AFTRA Union.

We hope to obtain philanthropic funding, film grants, and additional investments while directing 50% of profits to community based Dementia related charities focused on prevention, research, and elderly care.



  • To produce a high quality and unique film that is well-received by festivals, distributors, and audiences at a lower budget than 75% of studio movies

  • Harness the storytelling power of film to educate, inspire, and engage audiences, driving “Community to Congress” action

  • Engaging in practices and programs that will have a tangible and socially transformative impact on the communities in which we produce the film: Buffalo, NY

The Team

David Serafine


David authored “Before The Ashes Fall” in 2018. The literary fictional story, about redemption, forgiveness, and love between father and son, demonstrates a highly visual and heartbreaking journey beneath the cloud of Alzheimer’s. The novel has drawn many positive reviews, including from award-winning book editor, David Aretha, who called it, “Inspirational,” “scintillating” and “brilliantly conceived. A monumental achievement inspired by love.”

Sarah T. Schwab


Sarah is in post-production for the narrative feature she wrote and directed called, “A Stage Of Twilight,” starring Karen Allen and William Sadler. Her 2020 narrative feature, “Life After You,” won “Best Director” at the Madrid International Film Festival, the “Special Jury Remi for a First Feature” and “Best Lead Actress” at WorldFest-Houston, and “Best Feature” and “Best Lead Actress” at the Nice International Film Festival. She is a member of the Playwright/Directors Unit at Actors Studio.

Brian Long


Brian is a film producer and an Obie-winning theater producer. His films include, “A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud.” ”’A’ My Name Is,” “Life After You,” and the upcoming feature, “A Stage Of Twilight” (starring Karen Allen). Brian served as Managing Director of Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre for nine years where he produced over 40 World Premieres by artists such as Annie Baker, Jesse Eisenberg, Adam Rapp, Craig Lucas and Jose Rivera.

Anastasia King

Consulting Producer

Anastasia is an award-winning, impact-driven producer. Credits include: SUNDANCE winning feature doc, American Blackout; Lone Star State of Mind (Josh Jackson, Thomas Hayden Church), The Visit (Hill Harper, Billy Dee Williams) + dozens of other world-class experiential and content. She is a co-founder of both Nature-centric immersive studio, WildVenture XR and Hyphae Studio, a consultancy crafting entertainment solutions for social good. 

Marisa Bryce

Executive Producer

Marisa is the CEO of Lightning Snow, a production company prioritizing films that are BiPOC or female led, impact, documentaries, book adaptations and YA. She was a partner at Jury Box Films. he has an corporate & entrepreneurial background and held positions at EY, Tribune Company and various venture backed startups. 

Keith Quinn

Executive Producer

Keith, a former SVP, Paramount Pictures, has developed and produced features and series for major studios, global streaming services, and leading podcast platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Spotify, iHeart, HBO, YouTube, Fullscreen, Bravo, Universal, Warner Media, Paramount, Studio 8, Verizon, and Sony. He has also had first-look deals with Sonar Entertainment and Fox. 

Our primary goal is to raise awareness about Dementia. We will accomplish this through traditional distribution methods: a theatrical release, subscriber video on-demand services, and TV syndication.

But we want to do more.

Social Responsibility Initiatives 

Dementia Patient and Caregiver Outreach

  • During the shooting of the film, we will select a number of dementia patients and corresponding caretakers to play extras. Individuals will be selected based on consultation with physicians from Western New York hospitals and care-giving facilities.
  • We will record live footage of dementia patients with loved ones to play during the end credits.
  • Artwork created by dementia patients will be used as part of the set dressing and production design for the film.

Mentor Program

  • During the shooting of the film, we will identify and select 25 students and early-career young adults (approx. ages 16-25) to receive an all-day, one-day visit to the shoot location with all access.
  • Mentees will be selected by local educational snd social service organizations in Buffalo, NY.
  • We will select diverse candidates with a range of backgrounds who are considered “in need” in some capacity.
  • Selectees will receive instruction, mentoring and have questions answered by the film’s producers, cast and crew throughout the day.

Woman Director Program

  • During the shooting of the film, we will identify and select three early-career women filmmakers to receive an all-day, two-day visit to the shoot location with all access.
  • Selectees will be chosen by the producers based on program applications received from interested candidates.
  • Selectees will shadow the film’s director, Sarah T. Schwab, for the entirety of their two- day visit.

By David Serafine

Before the Ashes Fall

A story about redemption, forgiveness and love

This novel paints this world with uniquely distinct voices, each struggling to understand and cope with their journeys ahead. Richard, the retired school teacher battling the disease, desperately clings to any memory though is tested by those that still haunt him. Cafferty, a prominent attorney turned memory care advocate, seeks to avenge his mother’s humbling battle against the disease with an unparalleled dignity and care. And Danny, Richard’s estranged and terminally ill father, who hasn’t found a single reason to live, until a cruel fate confronts him with the son he abandoned decades prior. A prominent editor summed the story: “Beautiful, inspiring, scintillating ending, brilliantly conceived. A monumental achievement inspired by love.”

Featured in

“This month we would like to feature Before the Ashes Fall by David Serafine, author and industrial security expert. This incredible book takes you on a journey to discover the depths of dementia and the memories that get “hollowed from the inside out” due to the disease. Before the Ashes Fall is being turned into a movie and we can’t wait to hear more about it when David joins us on Executives Uncut on October 22nd.”



Before The Ashes Fall, LLC is fiscally sponsored through The Film Collaborative. All donations are tax-deductible.